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This Too...

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I’ll join the choir repeating the strangeness of these times. My heart goes out to those experiencing loss or illness from this horrible pandemic. It is touching my family now as well, as my nephew contracted the Coronavirus studying abroad in Italy and has been in quarantine since his return.

I find myself thinking about something my father says consistently during bouts of difficulty, “this too will pass.” Such a frustrating thought because it’s impossible to know when. I also wonder, as well as worry, how we will be changed from what lies ahead. That thought then immediately reminds me of something my perpetually positive mother says as she faces challenges, “it is an adventure.”

Neither of those sentiments was particularly helpful or comforting to me as a child—in fact the latter was quite irritating when emotionally all you wanted to do was give-up, cry or wallow.

But as an adult I have come to rely on them. As my little family, including my staff who is like family, hunkers down, I have to believe this too will pass and that the experience is some sort of adventure, an uncertain one. I can’t imagine how but expect this experience will shift permanently the way we care for one another, face adversity and support our work together.

Ironically, as my business opened its first office last year, stood up by that same core family, we too are all back to working mostly remotely. Fortunately, we have had many years of virtual work experience from our “consulting couches.” Since I don’t anticipate a change in our capacity or productivity, please accept this as my offer to help your family and team as this unusual adventure unfolds.

Stay safe and in touch. Here’s hoping this passes soon.



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