WE THINK  //  Our Philsophy

Is it an insight?

Or just a fact?

Identifying an insight often starts with a problem, typically one that is not fully understood. An insight shifts understanding in a novel way, exposing areas where the facts, people or expectations are not aligned. Or where there are inconsistencies in existing knowledge or perception.

Insights reveal a depth of comprehension beyond what stakeholders already know or can readily detect. That’s why getting out of the internal echo chamber of institutional knowledge is critical.

That’s also why not every response to every question counts as an insight. And an 80-slide deck isn’t the culmination of our efforts.

As anthropologists, researchers and communicators, we mine for the true insights. The ones that differentiate as much as they resonate.


And while there’s no one way to get there, here are a few of the means we use to uncover insights for our clients and partners.

Aside from experience, degrees and countless hours of prior research, we bring purpose to everything we do. Here’s what you can expect from Simply Strategy, no matter the assignment.

We listen at all levels.

It’s not just the C-suite that makes an organization tick. By understanding your problem inside and out, we can offer helpful guidance.

Woman at a meeting drinking espresso

We welcome discussion.

New ideas can cause friction. We’re okay with that. We get to the heart of the matter quickly in order to make progress together.

Women in a conference room

We walk more than a mile.

Understanding your audience means following their experience in detail. We call it journey mapping. And we go to great lengths to dissect the intricacies and implications associated with that journey.

A windy path through the forest

We don’t let the hypothesis dictate the conclusion.

We go in with an open mind and a full quiver of experience to navigate the path.

Two men at a table gesturing with their hands

We work well with others.

Chances are, you have ideas. You may even have another partner. We want to integrate with the larger team and always add to the process.

Bees returning to the hive

We mine for diamonds.

While our process is holistic, we work to keep it focused. We want to see you shine, not churn.

A diamond in the rough

We are not robots.

Science and methodology play a role in gleaning insight. So do empathy and asking "why?" We use both sides of our brains to activate your audience’s.

Close up of an eye

We invest ourselves in our community.

As volunteers, leaders, moms and friends, we put our hearts into our efforts because we see how it affects those around us.

Multi-ethnic men and women standing side-by-side

Research isn’t a department. It’s the start of our relationship.