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Why We Win: Jenny is a Smart Cookie

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

It’s no secret we are a little shop doing some big research. We are proud of and believe in our approach to market research and consulting. Our primary research model of inquiry for insight is one of the cornerstones of our nimble, customizable, and comprehensive menu of services.

At the core of Simply Strategy’s success are its leaders like Jenny Klenke, Vice President of Consumer Experience.

Jenny has the right achievements and accolades – she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business as a Summa Cum Laude graduate, a Master of Arts in Marketing, and can boast more than 30 years of diverse experience in multi-modal consumer research with industry leaders like Maritz, Inc., Westgate Research/Franklin Covey, Centene Corporation, Enterprise Holdings, Monsanto (Bayer), AT&T, AB InBev, Nestle Purina, and UniGroup. However, it isn’t her impressive resume alone that makes Jenny so important to Simply Strategy and to our clients.

It’s Jenny’s character. She is a kind-hearted, genuine person who seamlessly joined the team two years ago and has done nothing but enhance our culture. Of course, her work ethic is pretty impressive as well.

Jenny tackles each project with a spirit of innovation and excitement, unafraid to try new ideas and implement cutting-edge technology. Before initiating a study, she seeks to understand not only the question a client wishes to answer – because as we know without data, you're just another person with an opinion[1] – but also the potential actionable insights that could be surfaced in the research. She has quantitative, statistical expertise coupled with an analytical creativity. Her relationship-centered approach has led to engagements in a variety of arenas including managed care, public health, packaged goods, agriculture, and other consumer service industries. In each setting, her work drives toward positive impact and enhanced consumer experience, improving customer relationships as well as the bottom line.

Reflecting on her success, Jenny shares, “My entire career has been in the research industry, so I have experience from the ground up and am seasoned in so many aspects and intricacies of the industry. I wouldn’t have thrived, and weathered the industry’s changes, if I didn’t have a strong interest in technology and enjoy collaborating with people. This combo gives me ability to customize my approach, unconstrained by the evolution of the research and the economy.”

In our team of five women, with Jenny as a key component, we leverage our complementary sets of expertise and foster a culture of creativity and growth that delivers excellence across our work. Why do we win? Because of leaders like Jenny.


[1] W. Edwards Deming


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