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Reggi Rideout

VP of Strategy

Reggi brings personal passion and professional experience to understanding the key factors impeding healthy communities and organizations.

She leads program management, advocacy, and consulting strategy from initial design to execution. Any team member will tell you she is easy to work with and effortlessly astute at directing decentralized partners. An indispensable consultant partner to her clients, Reggi thrives on untangling complex issues. With specific expertise in maternal and child health as well as the social and structural determinants of health, Reggi has worked with various regional and statewide initiatives to secure funding and install policies and practices that improve outcomes. She also brings her professional background and passion for systems-level change to her role as President of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies.

Drawing from a deep well of experience in healthcare management, event execution and nonprofit work, Reggi brings heart to every step of every project she touches. When she isn’t with her Simply Strategy team, you can usually find her helping with homework or cheering on her three kids.

Reggi Rideout
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